Peculiar People Day

This is a day to truly celebrate people’s differences and eccentricities. How do you celebrate peculiar people? I’m not quite sure of the best way to go about this, so I will just say ‘Yay’ to people who look, act, speak and even smell peculiar.

I have often been called peculiar, and other words that mean the same thing, over the years, and there was one time that I used to enjoy it. We are all different and it seems that people spend too much time trying to not stand out, or standing out in the correct way. I myself am guilty of this at times. If I think I look good, then what should it matter what people think of me? That is assuming I am not wearing something that is intended to offend.

How often have you been out and about and had the urge to do something deemed out of the ordinary, but not gone through with it for fear of someone noticing you. I know I have done this many times, and I always feel a little guilty about it. I feel as though I am trapping the ‘true me’ inside a shell of ‘public me’ for some reason. But what is the worst t hat can happen? I have let go sometimes, and I’m not talking about anything illegal or rude. Just little things like climbing a tree because it looked climbable, leapfrogging bollards, sitting down to wait for a friend because I was tired. With that last one I actually was spotted by the shopping center staff and asked to stand up as I was a trip hazard because people might not see me. The fact that I was by a wall between a pillar and a pram did make me question how much of a trip hazard I was.

Back to today, the most peculiarly dressed person I saw today was wearing an ‘ordinary’ outfit topped off with a sheep backpack worn on her front and bright pink, massive, novelty sparkly glasses. Well done that woman. She made me feel like I did not make an effort to celebrate today properly. Maybe I should have worn something outrageous. Maybe I should spend less time worrying about other people’s opinions and concentrate on making myself feel good, Like the time I wore a novelty moustache all the way home from a night out, including in the taxi.

Kendall’s reccomendation of the day: Monty Python’s ministry of funny walks

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